TradeCoast Central has recently completed this unique build for AutoNexus, a leading provider of automotive logistics and seamless supply chain solutions, in record time.  On an expansive site of just over 5 hectares,  the Autonexus building was designed for the everyday workings of this global vehicle logistics and fleet conversion company. Whilst the building consists of 420 square metres of office space complete with warehouse and fitting sheds of 2800 m2, the fit out requirements stretched further, and included an automatic and manual car wash bay, extensive fit out of compressed air for its operation and that of the various facilities throughout the warehouse including car jacks and machinery, an onsite fuel storage facility and pumping station, as well as extensive storage for over 2000 vehicles complete with hail netting.

anx-entry-380x284anx-front-carpark-380x285anx-warehouse-380x284anx-hailnet-shot-380x284 (1)