Building is now underway for construction of a 100 place child care centre which will be located adjacent to the south-east corner of the heritage park on Schneider Road. A development application will soon be lodged with Council and it is our intention is to have the centre completed and open for business in January 2012. A perspective of the building is attached.

All construction drawings for the coffee shop/food outlet have been completed and we are waiting for development approval before commencing refurbishment work on the southern heritage listed building in Amy Johnson Place in which the coffee shop will be located. We are aiming to have this work completed by third quarter this year and are currently interviewing applicants to operate the cafe. A perspective of the building is attached.

The northern heritage listed building will be refurbished at the same time and will become the estate management office which will relocate from its existing “office” in the services precinct at the southern end of the estate.