The objectives of WSUD will be achieved through an integrated water management system.

The principles of WSUD will involve the planning and design of the development’s layout around the natural attributes of the site incorporating storm water management measures primarily dealing with water quality and quantity issues. These same principles will be applied in landscaping and irrigation using local indigenous species for all landscape planting, especially in mass planted areas such as open space and buffers to the surrounding transport corridors.

  • Class A recycled water for fire sprinkler systems, toilets, manufacturing and irrigation systems.
  • Minimise reliance on potable water.
  • Stormwater to be held on site for as long as possible in order to prevent erosion.
  • Facilitate stormwater infiltration into the ground and retain in soil for landscape growth.
  • Use of crushed recycled materials where possible.
  • Employ triple reticulation water supply system – potable, non-potable and recycled water
  • Utilise high efficiency rated water reticulation systems, outlets and appliances.